About Us

‘Jetix’, the new entrant in the Electric Motors and Water Pumps market, comes with an advantage of being young, smart and energetic! ‘enerJetix’, that’s how company Jai Motion Engg Pvt Ltd (JME) claims it to be.

‘Jetix’ has began with offering the complete range of industrial and FHP motors for a long list of applications. Jetix has arrived with sophisticated technology, new age engineering brains, infrastructure to produce volumes and wherewithal to promote it. JME has entered the segment with everything in place to challenge the prevailing world order! The spirit of youthful energy is infectious at JME, beginning with the directors at the helm and ending with the engineers and skilled workers involved in manufacturing, the average age at company is hardly of 27 years!

Beside this youth power, JME has the support of being a group company of ‘Jai Industries’. Jai is the wood-work and panel processing giant of India. A company of 45 years standing and the biggest player in its field, manufacturing and selling 10 times more machineries than its nearest competitor! It has a huge nationwide network of sales partners, is one of the highest selling Indian brand in export as well. With over 225,000 installations, Jai is unquestionably the leader. Nikhil Shah, the Jai Group chairman, says “we will repeat the leadership story here in motor & pump segment as well.” The confidence is backed by technical superiority available to them in the form of latest facilities and the fact of having a technical wizard Sanjay Mahagaonkar as a director on board.

The company based in Ahmedabad, the industrial capital of Gujarat; has a huge building with multiple manufacturing floors is at present in constant evolvement and upgradation stage. Buzzing with activity of designing the solutions, devising engineering systems, manufacturing with world standards and professionally attending to marketing, sales, service calls from all over India. JME is fast expanding its sales and distribution network. The company is just in its first year, but has captured a good share of OEM market. Jetix communications claim of “High quality Motors and Pumps, with amazing supply, support and cost benefits”.

Jetix water Pumps include submersible pumps, domestic pumps and special purpose pumps for sewage – dewatering and regenerative purposes. These pumps have interesting names to relate with like, Singapore Spring, Bangkok Blooms, London Thames, Moscow Mermaid, Mumbai Monsoon and Bangalore Barsat etc. Jetix pumps are already upsetting some established markets in cities and agricultural belts.

The youngest member of the Jetix team (and a director) Manish Patel who has returned after studies in USA to join hands, sums up the future of Jai Motion Engineering thus, “Though we claim to manufacture NOW generation motors-n-pumps, we are the future of this industry.”